Thursday, April 16, 2009


Salmi Zulaikha Salim or, mostly known as Salmi, is very young, very stylish, very interesting, and very energetic person, that is what most people can describe for her. Come from small village in Kluang, Johor. Started off as graphic student at UiTM Melaka before realizing that graphic was a great inspiration source for her, to involve in graphic scene.

The thing is inspiration her is no limit. It comes from anywhere and anything. Whose know looking at her small appearance, she had a big dreaming, that she wants to be a part of the whole cycle in art field to fulfill the world.

//a slight information
Now on her way to complete her Degree in Graphic Design, she was choosing VIMA (Voice Independent Music Award) as her client, for her final. She was doing majoring in advertising and minor illustration. The rational or the main purpose doing VIMA is to make people appreciate indie music.

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